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When the plan requires logo design, website, and graphic design; ask and answer the following:

  • Will these elements on their own make your business successful?

  • How will these aesthetic features improve brand awareness and brand experience?

  • How specific is your business strategy beyond your need for graphics and messaging?

Outside looking in:

When you’re inside a problem, it can be crippling to recognize the need for a clear outside perspective. As your expert, I understand the best position to solve a problem is from the outside. From the outside, I will identify your needs, your better customers and design a plan for your success.

Equally important, I will prioritize the critical factors for success and validate their importance toward accomplishing your goal.

Land strategy and the brand evolves:

Brand identity requires insight and a compelling brand to keep your customers interested. Likewise and understanding that the best brand ideas evolve from many points of view. Begining with your customer.

By the same token, your graphic designer should understand a single point of view may work to improve a design problem. However visual changes on there own will be enough to achieve your goal beyond the aesthetic improvement.

the work.

Thanks for visiting the work of the principal graphic designer, Tim Tourtillotte. Need a design expert? Super, I can help. I am passionate about brand strategy and brand identity. I want you to be successful and will provide your business with the following: logo design, brand strategy, and graphic design. Please review the work, and contact me to learn how I can help your business succeed. —Cheers!