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Experiences and the process.

When you work with Orbital Visual Llc to identify your brand marketing and business needs.  The principal designer, Tim Tourtillotte will help you discover your signature qualities that differentiate your brand and attract customers. He will clarify your messaging, diagnose company and marketing pain-points, clarify branded experiences and define your strategic priorities.

branding process, brand thinking, design process

Why Orbital Visual?

Whether a company is evolving or a new start-up, the principal graphic designer and business strategist at Orbital Visual combine business marketing and design know-how to develop meaningful results. The pathway to your brand success can appear to be a series of straight lines. But in actuality, achieving your goal begins by understanding a need to untangle few knots you’ve acquired along the way. The process will identify your pain-points, define your strengths, deliver insights to strengthen your connection to your community and a strategy that will improve your brand.

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