#yourcasual brand experiment

Studio One-Fifty-One, #yourcasual label, a brand experiment powered by Orbital Visual.
The brand experiment came together upon receiving an approval notice from Merch by Amazon that I now can submit apparel products to Amazon. I had been on the waiting list for about a year and a half and was surprised to recieve the notification. Because I did not want to incorporate Merch by Amazon on to the parent company website, I thought it would make a good case study and better yet, a learning experience. #Yourcasual has the fun factor, making it an exciting side-hustle project. I anticipate the result of the hustle will generate an Instagram following, and a few t-shirts and labels design sales along the way —which is fantastic!
The experiment combines my passioning for brand messaging and enjoyment for casual fashion and t-shirt lifestyles. It also draws from my interests in bicycling, craft beer logos and t-shirt art.  So far, it has been entertaining watching #yourcasual, and Studio One-Fifty-One shapes itself into a brand. And I look forward to sharing stories about its growth along the way.

Casual wear for the middle-brow and t-shirt lifestyle. We welcome beer lovers, bike fans, plumbers, and CEOs’. It is a weird mix I know but so is Studio ONE-FIFTY-ONE. We hope you enjoy our gear. Think Hard, and Play Even Harder. —Cheers!
I have a lot to learn from blogging to generating a social media following and this motivates me push through the work. Central to the brand messaging is the starter phrases and hashtag #yourcasual, and by design this starter compliments the casual t-shirt and craft beer lifestyles. The brand mission and vision statement encourage this lifestyle. It also acknowledges casual fashion professionals such as, bike and beer lovers, plumbers, and CEOs’ my ideal customers and fans.

The brand starter and kicker launched as “your casualness… is sexy to us.”
The starter #yourcasualness was not the strong statement I wanted it to be. And it was immediately abandoned. The starter soon became “your casual…” By treating the word “casual” as a noun instead of an adjective as well as eliminating the suffix, i.e., “ness,” the combination of landing the starter and array of TBD kickers provided a clean message and opportunity for ownership of brand statements such as #yourcasual is sexy to us, own #yourcasual and so on.


I am debating where to take Studio one-Fifty-One as brand that is supplied by Merch by Amazon. Much like graphic and logo design, selling t-shirts is a tight market. Still, though I am optimistic about the brand and its future,  in the works are titles like beer fish and cycling-jock bait and a lot of beer label designs. Over time Studio One-Fifty-One will likely transform into a social media channel where I will blog and post examples of case studies, t-shirts and label design work.
Before I sign off, I want to mention a beta character Birt, a fictitious gray feather chicken artist and design companion here at the studio. I tested Happy “Birt” Day messages with a nearly invisible barometer gaining three to four new followers, likes, and comments. Need to produce desirable t-shirt art with catchier statements. Which seems to have the most interest and monopoly on the insta-channels. Even though I am fond of Birt and the idea, I will likely write Birt out of the #yourcasual script or keep that egg in the incubator a little longer. Not sure yet?
Also, I want to inform my readers that I had help along the way, special thanks to, Bruce White for his brand messaging and strategic insights. Bruce is Principal Brand Strategist at Whiterock Reid, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Agency has carved out a specialized learning process for developing brand strategy service professionals. Where they help creative service providers, professional services, and SaaS companies to become branding experts and profitable. Please check them out here: https://whiterockreid.com and thanks for stopping by.
I do appreciate comments and need followers of Studio One-FIfty-One. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/studioonefiftyone/ and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orbitalvisual/


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